What Should I Consider Before Renting Folding Chairs?

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If you are thinking about renting folding chairs, you should probably consider what the chairs will be used for, how long you need to keep them, and how much it will cost to rent them. You might also want to think about how the specific rental company you are using does things. Some companies will deliver the chairs and then set them up for you, while others will deliver the chairs and leave you to set them up yourself. You might also want to find out how much you will have to pay if any of the folding chairs you rent become damaged while you're using them.

Some different events that you might consider renting folding chairs for would typically involve a lot of different people, like banquets, weddings, and parties. If you're hosting an event where there will be only a small number of people present, you might not want to spend money renting folding chairs. You could probably save money by coming up with your own seating rather than renting out the chairs. For events with less than 25 or so people attending, you may want to use all of your own seating and ask friends or family members if they have extra seating you could borrow.

It is also important to think about how much renting folding chairs will cost you before you make the decision to rent them from a specific company. Many furniture rental companies ask that you pay them per day, so if you will need the chairs for more than one day, the chairs could become expensive. You should find out exactly how many chairs you need and then call around to different rental companies for price quotes. Be sure to ask how much the cost is per day. If you do your research, you may be able to find the best price for renting folding chairs in your area.

If you know that you are going to be busy with other aspects of event planning and probably will not have time to set the folding chairs up, you should check to see if the rental company will set the chairs up for you. It's a good idea to ask about this before you rent the chairs. Asking beforehand could prevent the possibility that the company might drive up and dump the chairs off at your location, leaving you to do all the hard work yourself. There are some companies that may charge extra for setting the chairs up, but if you are incredibly busy with other things, you might find that this extra expense is worth it.

Even though it may not be likely that your rented folding chairs will become damaged at your event, you should still make a point to find out from your rental company how much you will be charged if that happens. Sometimes the costs for damages are slightly extravagant at furniture rental companies when compared to how much the furniture in question is actually worth. Before you sign any rental agreement promising to pay an outlandish amount of money for a damaged chair, you should read the terms carefully and try to negotiate with the rental company on the cost of potential damages if you feel that the amount is unreasonable.

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