How Do I Choose the Best Wall-Mounted Garden Hose?

Marty Paule
Marty Paule
Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

In choosing the right wall-mounted garden hose, consider the length and diameter that best suits your situation. Because price and quality often go hand-in-hand, decide whether economy or durability and functionality are your main objectives. Various materials and construction techniques contribute to how long a hose will last and how well it functions. If you shop in person, examine the quality of the hose's fittings and test its flexibility and ability to resist kinking. Purchasing a hose reel will help to maximize the life of your new hose and make its use easier.

Most garden hoses sold in the U.S. are offered in 25-, 50-, 75-, and 100-foot (7-, 15-, 23-, and 30-meter) lengths. Choose the right length by establishing the distance that the hose will need to reach from the nearest faucet. When choosing your wall-mounted garden hose, also consider its diameter. Choices range from 3/8 to 1 inch (9.6 to 25.4 mm) with larger diameters offering a greater volume of water flow. A smaller-diameter wall-mounted garden hose is usually adequate for hand watering with a nozzle or watering wand, while 5/8 inch-diameter hoses are a good choice for use with sprinklers. The largest diameter hoses are often used to take advantage of available high water pressure and for commercial applications.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane are the two most common materials used in making the wall-mounted garden hose. The best quality hoses are made of multiple plies of PVC and/or rubber and contain special additives to combat weathering, kinking, and abrasion. Internal spiral-shaped plies and mesh tubing can also help to eliminate kinks. Many manufacturers use rating systems such as good, better, and best, or light-, standard-, and commercial-duty to differentiate their various quality levels. These are general guides, however, without any universal standards. If possible, test the hose by bending it into a "U" to see how readily it tends to kink. High-quality brass couplings are another indication of quality.

The manufacturer's warranty period and water-pressure-handling specification can also offer clues as to overall quality of the wall-mounted garden hose. If you plan to use the hose in sub-freezing temperatures, look for models formulated from soft materials that retain their flexibility under those conditions. If you don't already own a hose reel, consider purchasing one, as it will lengthen the life of your new hose and make using it more convenient. You may want to also consider a self-coiling hose that stows easily and neatly with minimal effort.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass