How Do I Choose the Best Vietnamese Catering?

Lainie Petersen

When selecting a company to provide Vietnamese catering, you should get referrals from family and friends, review menus and contracts carefully, and try out the food before making a final decision about a caterer. It is also important to set a reasonable budget for your event and to let the caterer know what this budget is before you begin to design a menu. Equally essential is that you make sure that the caterer is capable of providing services at the venue of your choice.

If possible, try the Vietnamese catering company's food before signing a contract.
If possible, try the Vietnamese catering company's food before signing a contract.

Many party planners suggest that you seek out third-party recommendations when looking for Vietnamese catering. Friends and family, for example, can be great information resources. If you are holding the event at a reception hall or other event site, ask its manager for a list of approved or recommended caterers. In some cases, you may find that there are several Vietnamese options, so ask if the staff or other clients prefer one over the others.

A bowl of pho, a popular Vietnamese soup.
A bowl of pho, a popular Vietnamese soup.

Contact the Vietnamese catering companies that have been recommended to you and ask if they are available to serve your event. If they are, ask for a catering menu so that you can get an idea of what catering will cost. Some may offer packages, while others may permit you to put together your own menu of ala carte items. If you are inexperienced at planning menus for large events, ask the Vietnamese catering service for assistance. Many will have a party planner on staff that can help you select enough food to feed your guests while remaining within your budget.

If possible, try the Vietnamese catering company’s food before signing a contract. Be cautious when hiring a restaurant to cater an event just because you like the pho or dumplings offered as part of its regular menu. Some restaurants are better than others at preparing the large quantities of food that large events require. If the caterer doesn’t operate a restaurant, make an appointment to stop by its offices to try several menu items.

Review any contracts offered to you carefully. Make sure that your caterer is required to contact you if substituting any menu items. You should pay special attention to the sections of the contract that set minimums for the number of meals offered and cancellation policies. If you end up with fewer guests than expected or must cancel the event altogether, you will want to minimize your financial obligation, so make sure that you understand the deadlines for informing the caterer of the number of guests at the event or of changes in your plans.

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