How do I Choose the Best Vanity Fixture?

Alicia Sparks

Choosing a new vanity fixture is similar to shopping for other kinds of home appliances. You want a fixture that’s both functional and attractive, which means you must consider your lighting needs and the room’s current interior design. Think about who will install the fixture, and whether you’ll need one designed for easy installation. Also think about how much money you can spend for a new light fixture. Shopping around with a variety of retailers is the best way to increase your selection and find fixtures within your price range.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Before you begin shopping for a new vanity fixture, think about your lighting needs. Most people use vanities as areas to apply makeup, shave, or complete other beauty routines and grooming tasks. If you’re part of this group, you’ll want a fixture that provides plenty of light. Alternatively, if you want your vanity fixture to create a relaxing ambiance, choose one that provides softer accent lighting. An easy way to determine the lighting a fixture provides is to check the fixture’s packaging for information about required light bulbs and whether there’s an option to increase and decrease the illumination provided.

Choose a vanity fixture that will match both the room in which you plan to install it and that room’s current décor. To do this, think about the kinds of lighting fixtures designed for that room and the materials you already use in that room. For example, if you’re updating the bathroom lighting on each side of your vanity mirror, you won’t want to choose sconces designed for living rooms or hallways. Look for lighting fixtures designed specifically for bathroom mirror lighting. At the same time, if your other bathroom fixtures are chrome, it makes sense to look for a light fixture that’s silver or some other similar color.

If you plan to install the vanity fixture yourself, choose one that’s within your skill level. On the other hand, if you plan to hire a professional or you have a family member or friend who’s handy at home renovation, you might be able to expand your options and choose one with more involved installation instructions. Whether you shop online or at a home renovation store, be sure to read any preliminary instructions provided on the product’s webpage or packaging. Many stores have websites where customers can review and comment on products. Look for comments related to the fixture’s installation process.

Remember, shopping around increases your chances of finding the perfect vanity fixture for your home at the best price for your budget. Consider making a quick list of the stores you’d like to shop. Get recommendations from people you know who’ve recently completed similar home renovation projects. You can find home lighting fixtures at numerous locations including online stores, major home renovation stores, and even smaller individually owned hardware stores. Taking the time to browse a variety of businesses might even give you an idea for a vanity fixture you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

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