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How do I Choose the Best Incandescent Fixture?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Incandescent light bulbs are some of the most common types in the United States, so selecting the best fixture for them can be a typical project. Fortunately, due to the bulb's popularity, finding an incandescent fixture is typically quite easy. Things one should keep in mind when purchasing an incandescent fixture is a home's decor, personal preferences, and what room the new item will occupy.

Wall fixtures abound in many colors and styles. Popular finishes include brushed nickel, polished brass, and bronze. Your first step is to select the type of metal for the wall fixture; second is to choose the style of glass that surrounds the light bulb. If the decor in the home is traditional, aged alabaster glass might be best for an antique look. On the other hand, white frosted or clear glass is often better for more modern homes.

Incandescent light bulbs.
Incandescent light bulbs.

Fixtures that hold incandescent bulbs are typically located on the ceiling in most homes. This type of incandescent fixture often consists of a glass enclosure, typically with a choice of metal around it and on the bottom. Like wall fixtures, you can choose the type of metal and style of glass, but additionally, the shape of the glass enclosure is usually up to the customer. If you prefer rounded glass on a fixture that is flush with the ceiling, there are likely many of these on the market. You can also get creative and consider the kind that have pointier ends or ornate designs.

Many people also need exterior lighting for their homes, and fortunately it is possible to find an incandescent fixture for outside the home. Most exterior fixtures look like lanterns that can be attached to the wall, which usually fits traditional styles. You might choose to place one on either side of the garage or simply have one attached to a porch wall. If you prefer a creative touch, there are some exterior fixtures that hang like pendants from the porch or patio ceiling.

You can also choose the perfect incandescent fixture by considering the room in which it is being placed. For example, many kitchens feature track lighting which would allow the bulbs to be positioned in the required direction. If you choose this kind, know that they are dramatic, but several are necessary to avoid shadows. If you need lighting for a hallway, wall fixtures might be a better choice, while ceiling fixtures are typically best for most bedrooms.

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    • Incandescent light bulbs.
      By: tr3gi
      Incandescent light bulbs.