How do I Choose the Best Modern Light Fixtures?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Kitchen lights should be bright enough to illuminate tabletops.
Kitchen lights should be bright enough to illuminate tabletops.

Modern light fixtures are usually best in simple, geometric shapes with a clean looking finish such as glass, black metal or silver-colored stainless steel. Choosing modern fixtures without going too trendy can mean having lights that match your style without necessarily having to replace them in a few years due to changing styles. They should enhance a contemporary decor and provide sufficient task or mood lightening depending on the particular room.

Kitchens and offices require light fixtures bright enough to illuminate tabletops. Pendant lights spaced an attractive distance apart in rows can add modern style as well as provide brighter light closer to the work surface than lighting flush with the ceiling usually does. Track lighting can also be good for task-based use as each individual light situated on the strips, or tracks, is movable to provide better focus.

In rooms that don't require bright light, but rather mood lighting to set a relaxing tone such as in a living room, lights either flush with the ceiling or recessed into it may be a good choice. Recessed lights need to be installed into a ceiling though. Another concern is that whereas most modern light fixtures use energy efficient bulbs, some types of recessed lighting do not.

Flush ceiling fixtures are available in many modern looks. Typically, the frame around these lights is stainless steel or chrome. Most of these styles of modern light fixtures are geometrical in shape and are well-suited to contemporary homes. Depending on your preference, you could choose a lantern style or a dish-shaped light fixture.

Another possibility for modern lighting in your home, especially if you're in a warmer climate, is a combination ceiling fan and light fixture. These fixtures can look especially modern and appealing in stainless steel. Metal fan blades can be noisy for a bedroom, but a five-blade fixture is often quieter than three- or four-blade models.

When choosing modern light fixtures, it's a good idea to pick contemporary looks that aren't overly trendy. Otherwise, you may have to change them later on if you decide to redecorate or sell your home. It can be much more practical to incorporate the overall mood of your modern interior structures into the lighting fixtures, rather than concentrating on the latest cutting-edge light designs. If your home has an industrial feel such as a loft space, a large, metal light fixture with a commercial look and size to it can be a good choice.

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    • Kitchen lights should be bright enough to illuminate tabletops.
      Kitchen lights should be bright enough to illuminate tabletops.