How Do I Choose the Best TV Advertising Campaign?

Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best TV advertising campaign depends primarily on your budget since the cost of airtime can be particularly expensive. The price of a 30-second commercial spot is priced in relation to the number of viewers estimated to be watching a certain program, so typically only large corporations can afford to run a TV advertising campaign during a nationally broadcast show. To create the best television ad campaign for your budget, consider the needs and desires of your target market so you capture these viewers' attention as well as their interest in your advertised product or service.

TV ad campaigns must find ways to engage target viewers in a very brief amount of time, usually no more than 30 or 60 seconds per ad.
TV ad campaigns must find ways to engage target viewers in a very brief amount of time, usually no more than 30 or 60 seconds per ad.

Since you only have 30 seconds to get your message across, choose a campaign that clearly showcases your products, company name and contact information while also capturing the interest of the target market. You'll have to communicate why your product or service is a better choice than your competitors' offerings. It's also important to convey how your product or service will make the buyer's life better or easier or solve a problem. The more you think like your potential customers, the more successful your TV advertising campaign is likely to be.

It's better to choose the highest caliber of production than skimp on film quality, or the money you spend on a television commercial may end up making your product look cheap and less appealing to its target market. It's not to say you shouldn't choose a freelance TV commercial producer, but take the time to look at samples of his or her finished work. Many times, these producers work with copywriters to create package TV advertising campaigns for clients. If the quality is there, this type of deal can be a budget-friendly one for small businesses.

An effective advertising campaign should get your brand out there to be recognized by the target consumers. Including the stores where they can purchase your product is a great idea. Sometimes, advertisers get so caught up in the idea of being creative or entertaining, they lose track that the purpose of the TV advertising campaign is to create product or service brand awareness in the target audience. It's best to choose a television marketing campaign that will reach your target demographic several times within a day, as studies show that a consumer often needs six or more exposures to advertising for an item before he or she considers purchasing it. Adding where or how to get the item as well as its full name at the end of the commercial can help increase the chances of the target market taking action.

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