How Do I Choose the Best Trundle Bed with Storage?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Bed frames may contain built in storage.
Bed frames may contain built in storage.

Many bed frames feature storage situated underneath the mattress and frame, since this is the most convenient spot for drawers and shelves. A trundle bed with storage, however, cannot have drawers in this location because this is where the spare mattress is stored. Other locations on the trundle bed with storage, however, are well suited to storing commonly used items. Headboards, for example, are great places for storage of books, alarm clocks, or other items used before bed. Some clever designs, however, revert back to the drawer under the mattress, but instead of the drawers being beneath the top mattress, the drawers are built into the frame of the lower trundle bed.

If drawers are included, the mattress of the lower trundle bed will be raised a bit off the ground on the frame. This allows a gap to exist beneath, and drawers can therefore be positioned in the gap. A trundle bed with storage in this configuration is likely to have two or more drawers lined across the length of the bed; the drawer faces will have handles that make pulling the drawers out exceptionally easy. In many cases, a line of dummy drawer faces will be glued or otherwise secured above the actual drawers to create a consistent and pleasing aesthetic for the trundle bed with storage.

Choosing the best unit for you starts with determining your needs. Think about what you intend to store in the trundle bed with storage, what room in the house the unit will be placed in, how much space you have available in that room, how often the unit will be used, and who the most likely users of the bed will be. Try to choose a trundle bed with storage that fits the aesthetic of the room. For children, make sure to choose a bed that is durable and stable; for adults, choose a bed that features a more adult aesthetic and has more legroom. The trundle bed itself should be a pop-up unit if adults will be using it; this makes the bed more usable, especially for adults who have difficulty bending or stretching.

Your budget for purchasing the trundle bed with storage will also have a significant impact on which unit is best for you. The cost of the bed can vary according to several factors, including the materials used to construct the frame, the size and type of mattress, additional features, and even delivery or installation charges. Be sure to do some research to find several models that will fit your budget.

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    • Bed frames may contain built in storage.
      Bed frames may contain built in storage.