How do I Choose the Best Treadmill?

B. Miller

Buying a treadmill for home use can be a great way to get in shape without leaving your house. To choose the best treadmill, it is necessary to first consider how you will use the treadmill; for example, walking, jogging, or serious running may progressively require you to purchase a more expensive treadmill. In addition, determine how much you want to spend when selecting the best treadmill. In general, you get what you pay for with this type of home gym equipment.

It is recommended that treadmills come with at least 2.5- to 3-horsepower continuous motors.
It is recommended that treadmills come with at least 2.5- to 3-horsepower continuous motors.

Budget, mid-range, and high-end treadmills all offer different features and abilities. If you only plan to walk on your treadmill, you are safe purchasing a less expensive, budget treadmill. Walkers and joggers should think about purchasing a mid-range treadmill, whereas serious runners will want to purchase a high-end treadmill that is similar to what you will find in a gym. Even though it may be tempting to purchase a less expensive treadmill, it is better to buy the best treadmill you can for the price to avoid having to purchase costly replacement parts or even a new treadmill altogether when it wears out.

The motor is another important consideration when choosing the best treadmill. Experts generally recommend that you search for at treadmill with a 2.5- to 3-horsepower continuous-duty motor. In addition, consider the size and length of the belt; it should typically be a least 50 inches (127 cm) long for a person of average height. Taller people might want to look for a longer belt. Anything shorter can make you shorten your running or walking stride, which can be awkward and dangerous if you trip.

In addition, the best treadmill is one that is quiet, with a smooth stride; the belt should not feel as if it is catching on anything, and the hand rails should be sturdy. Choose a treadmill with a clear display panel that shows all the important information, such as time and distance, easily and without needing to press too many buttons. More expensive treadmills often feature heart rate monitors or small televisions as well. Finally, the treadmill should have a panic button or should automatically switch off if you fall.

Be sure you can easily adjust the speed, and that various speeds or programs are available for walking and running. Finally, a treadmill should come with at least a 90-day warranty, though a one-year warranty is better. Keeping these issues in mind will help you to choose a great treadmill that you will be able to use for years; just be sure to keep it clean to extend its life.

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