What are the Best Tips for Treadmill Running?

Lauren Romano

Treadmill running can be an easy way to get exercise when running outdoors isn't an option or a preference. Getting on a treadmill and running full pace may seem easy, but some tips and tricks can help make the most out of the experience. Not only can they help against getting injured, but can also allow for more knowledge on the best way to exercise.

Those running on treadmills should avoid loose shoe strings or baggy clothing that could get caught in the machine.
Those running on treadmills should avoid loose shoe strings or baggy clothing that could get caught in the machine.

Before starting treadmill running it is important to double-check the clothing, from sneakers to the shirt. Shoelaces should be tied tightly and the loops not hanging low. The pants should be of a proper length and not too loose, especially on the bottom. The shirt should be comfortable and not be the type that requires constant adjusting. Proper fitting clothing ensures the comfort level as well as knowing that none of the clothing will get caught on the machine.

A running bra.
A running bra.

While running on the treadmill, it is important to take things slow, especially if just starting out. Don't start out running or on a huge incline. When first starting to run on a treadmill, get used to it by walking on a slight incline then work gradually to jogging on a slight incline. Although treadmills have the ability to increase the incline, avoid using a high incline as it can cause more damage to the body then good.

Walk before and after treadmill running as a warm-up and cool down period. Walk for at least ten minutes before starting to run and afterward as well instead of simply stepping off the treadmill. It can help get the body prepped and ready for the exercise and afterward can help slow the heart rate down at a gradual pace.

It is important to focus while doing treadmill running. Looking off to the sides, down and everywhere else can be quite easy, especially if running on the treadmill is a fairly frequent occurrence, but it takes one time to lose focus and fall and get injured. Have all the settings done before starting to walk on the treadmill to prevent having to change them during the workout. Keep the eyes staring straight ahead and focused on the task at hand.

While a treadmill can be a great exercise tool, it is important to realize that it is also a machine that, if not used properly, can result in injury. Some people may find that treadmill running can be addictive, especially if they aren't fond of running outdoors. Learning extra tips before stepping foot on the treadmill can help ensure a happy workout.

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