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How do I Choose the Best Summer Work-Study Program?

Harriette Halepis
Harriette Halepis

Choosing the right summer work-study program is crucial. A program that will work in your favor is optimal, while a program that will not further your job choices is somewhat futile. The best way to begin looking for a summer work-study program is to spend some time thinking about your future career path.

If you know what kind of employment you want to seek in the future, then you can start to look for work-study programs within this field. If not, then you can simply sift through various work-study offers in order to find one that appeals to you. After you have narrowed down your selection slightly, you will then have to look at program requirements.

A woman working as an office assistant for a summer work-study program.
A woman working as an office assistant for a summer work-study program.

Many summer work-study programs are highly competitive. If the program that you are considering is extremely popular, you may have to demonstrate your abilities by crafting an appealing resume. You may also have to go through a round of interviews before you are chosen for a work-study position. No matter what program you are thinking about, there are a couple of things that you should pay attention to.

First, inquire as to whether or not a work-study program can be applied to your academic career. Some programs provide students with credits that can be used as academic credits -- these programs are often hard to find, though entirely worthwhile. Next, make sure that the program you are choosing is legitimate.

Some businesses hire summer interns, though this is not always on par with a summer work-study program. If a business is simply looking for a low-paid assistant, be sure that the time spent working in an office will be rewarded. If you don't get any education or skills from a work-study program, then this type of program may not be worthwhile.

Next, try and find out who you will be working with. If you will be working closely with a seasoned professional, then you will gain a lot of firsthand knowledge. However, working with an entry-level office assistant may not be the best career move. In every manner, selecting a summer work-study program should be fun, but this type or work should also be educational.

Your work-study experience will add to your professional resume, so make sure to choose the right program. The one advantage to enrolling in a work-study program is that you will soon see if your ideal career path truly appeals to you. Keep all of the aforementioned things in mind when applying to a summer work-study program, and you'll quickly find the one program that will benefit you in the long run.

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    • A woman working as an office assistant for a summer work-study program.
      By: Elenathewise
      A woman working as an office assistant for a summer work-study program.