How can I get a Summer Job in Greece?

N. Madison

Securing a summer job in Greece can be a dream come true for someone who wants to spend an extended time exploring the country, but still needs to earn a living. One of the best ways to find a summer job in Greece is to travel to the area of the country in which you hope to find work and visit local taverns, restaurants, resorts, and attractions that are known for catering to tourists. Often, such employers are the most likely to hire foreign workers. You may also search online for summer jobs in Greece, but may stumble upon scams and undesirable employment environments this way. Additionally, you may need to apply for a working holiday visa if you are not an European Union citizen.

It's sometimes possible to get a summer job on Santorini or another Greek island that draws many tourists.
It's sometimes possible to get a summer job on Santorini or another Greek island that draws many tourists.

In most cases, traveling to Greece to seek employment in person is likely to be your best option for landing a summer job in the country. By appearing in person, you can visit places that normally attract tourists and apply for a job. Often, this means applying for a job in a bar or tavern, but you may also find summer work in a restaurant, resort, or even with a company that specifically serves tourists. Seeking a job in person allows you to establish a rapport with potential employers and see the environment in which you would be working. If you are offered a job working in an unsafe or unsuitable environment, you can move on to seek employment elsewhere.

You may also find websites that feature postings for summer jobs in Greece. Many of these may be legitimate and advertise attractive employment opportunities. You may do well to exercise caution when responding to these ads, however, as well as when going to meet potential employers. Some of these job listings may be scams while other may advertise jobs in unsafe environments. In fact, a person may even post such an ad in order to lure unsuspecting job seekers into dangerous situations.

Citizens of the European Union can typically work summer jobs in Greece without obtaining a visa. If you are a citizen of a country outside the European Union, however, you may need to obtain a working holiday visa before you can legally seek a summer job in Greece. You may contact your embassy to gain information about the requirements. Competition for jobs is typically fierce, however, so obtaining a visa doesn't guarantee that you will land a summer job in Greece.

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