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How do I Choose the Best Work Experience Program?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

In the competitive job market work experience provides a competitive advantage from many individuals. This experience can be considered training that is relevant to a specific career. The best work experience program is one that offers long-term positions after a trial internship. There are many intern positions offered by companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. These positions provide training for college students that can be used as experience after graduation.

A college student can find many intern programs that relate to his major. These programs can be beneficial because they provide real-life experience. Most college administrative departments can assist students in finding a good work experience program that fits with his career goals. Most programs typically require 20-30 hours per week of work and can include full-time positions during the summer months.

Many employers offer free advanced degrees for intern students.
Many employers offer free advanced degrees for intern students.

A work experience program is a good method of starting a new career. These programs provide an individual with relationship networks and work experience that can be used for future job placement. Working on a part-time basis to learn a new trade provides the hands-on experience necessary to begin a new career. During work experiences most individuals make a small salary, which should not be considered the primary source of income.

Many employers offer free advanced degrees for intern students. These are typically available in fields of study that require a unique skill set. Students can use this work experience program to gain valuable knowledge while obtaining a post-graduate degree from a university. These programs typically require the student to work for the employer after graduation or he will forfeit the cost of the advanced education.

The United States federal government offers a special work experience program. This program is designed to teach individuals how to work in a federal job. The student career experience program (SCEP) is designed to give students professional experience in the government workplace.

Marine biology is an example of a profession that typically requires a work experience program. This is designed to teach students relevant information about the field. These intern programs are very competitive for applicants because there are only a few facilities that offer them. They provide hands-on experience with marine wildlife and ocean studies. This type of experience is impossible to obtain in a typical school setting.

Many law firms offer volunteer internships to undergraduate students. This provides paralegal experience to students, which can be used after graduation. An internship program is a good opportunity for a student to be sure he's chosen the right major. By test driving a job, an individual can experience the work life expectations before he becomes committed into long-term employment.

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    • Many employers offer free advanced degrees for intern students.
      By: Kurhan
      Many employers offer free advanced degrees for intern students.