How Do I Choose the Best Straight Hair Weaves?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross
Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

A hair weave is a quick and easy way to get the hair you've always wanted, but first you need to know how to choose the right weave for you. There are separate considerations when choosing extensions for different textures of hair, whether curly or straight. When choosing the best straight hair weaves, you need to take into consideration whether you want real or synthetic hair, the color, texture, and length.

The first decision you need to make is whether you want a real or synthetic weave. Real human hair, the best of which is called Remy hair, looks and behaves like real hair because it is. Unlike synthetic hair, Remy hair can be heat styled and lasts longer than synthetic hair without becoming frayed or dull. It is, however, significantly more expensive, and it can be more difficult to find a color and texture to suit your own. Synthetic varieties of extensions come in every combination of texture, length, and color and will be a better option if you like to change your hair often.

When choosing straight hair weaves for a natural look, choose a color that is as similar to your own as possible. The best way to do this is to hold a sample of the extension hair against your own while standing in natural light. This is more important for straight hair than curly hair as the strands will not wrap around each other as much, resulting in less blending. A slight difference in shade will not make too obvious of a difference, especially if the weave is properly applied. If you don't mind if the extensions are obvious — for example, if you want to add a contrasting or fashion color to your hair — then you can choose any color you like.

You should also choose straight hair weaves that are similar in texture to your own. If your hair is fine, for example, and you choose thicker extensions, the final result will look unnatural. Even though it sounds obvious, only buy straight hair weaves if your own hair is straight. Once you have put the extensions in, if they are synthetic, you will not be able to heat style your hair. If you are buying a weft, choose one that has been hand tied, if possible, because machine-processed wefts can be bulky and obvious under straight hair.

Finally, choose the best length for your style. When buying straight hair weaves for volume, you should choose a length that is similar to your own. If you are buying the weaves to add length, then choose a length longer than your own hair, but keep in mind that, unless you are having an all-over weave, the hair will have to be layered so that the difference in length between your own hair and the extensions is not very obvious. This tends to be a greater issue with straight hair than wavy or curly. Buy lengths longer than you want your finished hairstyle to be so that the hair can be cut accordingly.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower