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How Do I Choose the Best Curly Hair Weft?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross

A weft is like a grass-skirt equivalent of hair extensions, consisting of a long strip of material from which many strands of hair hang. Wefts can be attached to the hair by clips or bonding or by being sewn in. They come in all types of hair, including curly styles. When choosing the best curly hair weft, type of hair, degree of curl, color, and length are all choices you have to consider. If you are having your hair done at a salon, the stylist my help you make the best decision.

First, you must choose whether you want your curly hair weft to be made from real or synthetic hair. Real hair looks the most natural but can also come with a hefty price tag. If price is not an issue, real hair is the best choice as it can be restyled and colored and does not tangle or become frizzy the way synthetic hair can. Real human hair also hold its curl, whereas synthetic hair may relax over time.

Hair wefts may come in curly styles.
Hair wefts may come in curly styles.

There is, however, much more choice with synthetic hair, making it easier to match to your hair's color, texture, and thickness. It is also more affordable. This makes it a better choice if you are only planning to have the curly hair weft in for a short period of time, for example, a holiday, or if you change your look often.

The degree of curl is also important when choosing a curly hair weft. You should choose a curl that is similar to your own natural hair. Wefts are available in a range of curl styles, from very tight corkscrew curls to longer, looser styles. This is not such an issue if you are choosing to have an all-over weft that is sewn in because all of your natural hair will be braided up as a base for the weft. Only the weft hair is visible in the end result.

The color you choose is based on whether you want a natural look. If you want to add a splash of color to your curls, the color of the weft can be whatever strikes your fancy. For the weft to look natural, choose a color that is as close to your natural hair as possible. This is not as important with a curly hair weft as a straight one as the curls will wrap around and blend with your own, making the color difference less noticeable. To see how your choice will look with your hair, stand in natural light with a weft swatch and compare.

Like color, the length of the curly hair weft is not as important as it is with straight hair — curls help the hair to blend in better. It is better to bond or clip a weft in when your hair is around shoulder length because this will make longer wefts look much more natural. If you are going mainly for volume, then choose a length that is close to that of your natural hair. Length can be added in graduated layers, but be careful because this can also make hair look quite bushy. With any extensions, see if you can get some temporary clip-ins, and this way, you can test-drive the weft before getting a more permanent one.

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    • Hair wefts may come in curly styles.
      By: javiindy
      Hair wefts may come in curly styles.