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How do I Choose the Best Steel Coffee Table?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

When you're looking for the best steel coffee table for your home, think about the size and style. Steel coffee tables are available in basic rectangular classic shapes as well as gigantic blocks of metal. You may want a solid steel furniture piece or a metal frame with a glass insert. Consider all of your steel table options that fit within your budget. Then, look closely at your living room space to help you determine the best steel coffee table to tie your decor together.

Having a piece of glass cut to fit the top of a solid steel coffee table can protect the surface from dents and water damage. Steel tables may become rusty; a citric acid cleaner might remove any surface rust, but if not, expensive resurfacing may be needed. A glass top on a steel table is often ideal for small rooms, as it helps reflect light to make the space appear larger. Coffee tables made up of a steel frame with a glass insert in the center tend to add an especially airy feeling to rooms. For maximum airiness, choose silver-colored steel rather than black.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

If instead of a light look you want to add a sense of modern drama to your living room, a black steel coffee table — either a solid metal top with legs or in a frame with a glass center — can be an excellent choice. Look for good quality, as black steel that becomes scratched tends to show the the scratches more prominently than silver-colored metal. A black coffee table made from hot rolled steel has a scaly texture that can be more durable as well as add interest to a living room's design.

Perforations, or holes, as well as metal spindles on a coffee table can also add interesting texture to living spaces. A very large, square steel coffee table can be the perfect addition to a big modern living room with clean-edged seating shapes. If your living room is small, however, a large steel table in the center of the room isn't likely to be an attractive focal point, but rather just look out of place in terms of size and scale. Instead, capture the eye with a steel table in scale, but with an eye-catching feature such as a gleaming shine or a unique multi-level design. If your budget allows, a designer coffee table made of top quality steel can serve as a unique focal point.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book