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How do I Choose the Best Mahogany Coffee Table?

Laura Evans
Laura Evans

The best mahogany coffee table should enhance the overall appearance of the room. While the coffee table should be attractive, it should not be out of balance with nearby furniture to a point where the table becomes the only focal point in the area. In addition, budget should be taken into consideration when purchasing any kind of coffee table.

Mahogany has traditionally been a wood of choice for high-end furniture because of its durability, its carvability, and its eye-pleasing color. The finest mahogany forests have been largely depleted. This means that mahogany furniture produced today is arguably of lesser quality than mahogany furniture produced in the past. Because of this, some people search for vintage or antique mahogany furniture rather than newly produced pieces. That being said, beauty, and what constitutes an attractive mahogany coffee table, is all in the eyes of the beholder, regardless of how old the wood is.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

When considering buying an antique or vintage mahogany coffee table rather than a new coffee table, those who are environmentally conscious appreciate that purchasing used furniture is environmentally friendly. No new energy has been expended to produce the table. In addition, buying used furniture keeps that furniture out of landfills. On the other hand, a completely new mahogany coffee table would be free of scratches and gouges and would not require any repairs or restoration, unlike some vintage or antique tables.

The right mahogany coffee table should make its room feel more appealing. As with choosing a table made of old wood versus one made with new wood, the decision about style is entirely personal. This means that the table might be in the same style as the rest of the furniture in the room. For example, if the room has traditional style furniture, the best mahogany coffee table could also be a traditional style. Some prefer to mix styles. If this is the case, the right mahogany coffee table might be a completely different style than the furniture in the room.

Following a budget is important when purchasing any piece of furniture. Realistically, if a mahogany coffee table is out of the question financially, buying or making a substitute table can be options. It is also important to understand that overspending on one piece of furniture because one sees it as an investment is a dicey proposition. Even those who have dealt in antique furniture for years know that tastes and styles change over time. Predicting what the coming trends can be difficult even for experts.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book