How Do I Choose the Best Salon Cabinets?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Owning a salon usually requires that you choose most of the furniture within, including cabinets. Before you choose, you may benefit from considering whether freestanding salon cabinets would work for your business or if hanging cabinets would be better. You also should consider the size and number of cabinets you will need, as well as whether you need doors on all of them or locks on any of them. Once you make these decisions, you need to choose the type of material and its color so your salon cabinets match the rest of the furnishings in the business.

You first should decide whether you want freestanding cabinets or the kind that hang on the walls. You usually are advised to choose the latter if you do not have much floor space, because you usually can attach these to the wall above each salon station. If you have a lot of heavy salon products to store, however, then you may be better off choosing cabinets that are freestanding, because they may be better able to handle a lot of weight without the possibility of falling to the ground. You also can mix and match these types of salon cabinets so you have a few of each if you think you could benefit from both.

Another detail to think about is the size of the cabinets you need for your salon, because there are many sizes from which to choose. You should consider the amount of space you have in the salon and avoid both overcrowding the area and failing to take advantage of all the room you have. In addition, considering the types of salon supplies you have to store may help you to determine whether you should buy tall, narrow cabinets or short, wide ones. This decision usually requires that you first consider where you will place your salon cabinets, as well as how many you need. When thinking about the number of cabinets to buy, consider whether you prefer to get a few large pieces of furniture or several smaller ones.

Deciding whether your cabinets need doors or can stand to have open shelving can affect the price of the fixtures. Clear doors also may be an option, allowing workers and customers alike to see what's in a cabinet, even if it's closed. Chances are you will decide at least some of the cabinets need doors, and it may be beneficial for some of those doors to have locks. This is especially true of cabinets that will hold potentially dangerous chemicals, such as cleaning supplies.

A final thought when choosing salon cabinets is the kind of material you prefer. You can usually choose from among plastic, metal and wood, taking into consideration the materials from which the rest of the salon furniture is made, because it usually is best to match when possible. Once you select the material you want, you should consider the color of the cabinets, which should also match the rest of your salon equipment. As you try to match the colors, you should consider using mostly neutral shades, especially since you might change your color scheme in the future and probably do not want to have to buy all new salon cabinets at that point.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip