How Do I Choose the Best Queen Bed Frame?

Dan Cavallari

Price is usually the most significant determining factor when choosing a queen bed frame, but aesthetics and function are also important considerations. For the budget-conscious consumer, a simple, collapsible steel frame is perhaps the best option, though it is hardly an attractive choice. Other types of steel frames are available as well, and these can be far more attractive but also more expensive. The priciest options for a queen bed frame are usually made from hardwoods, and they will sometimes feature a headboard and footboard for added aesthetic value, stability, and function.

Some bed frames feature pull-out drawers.
Some bed frames feature pull-out drawers.

Think about any additional options you will need for functionality. Some queen bed frame models will feature built-in drawers for storage of clothing, blankets, or other items. These drawers generally slide out from beneath the mattress for easy access. Many beds feature headboards with cubby holes or shelves, thereby adding to the unit's functionality. If aesthetic value is most important, a simpler design with no additional features will provide a cleaner look. This puts the emphasis on the beauty of the wood rather than on any aesthetic flourishes, though many queen bed frame models are available with ornate carvings or other flourishes.

A queen bed fits sheets that are 59 inches by 79 inches.
A queen bed fits sheets that are 59 inches by 79 inches.

You will have two basic options when choosing a queen bed frame: platform beds and beds designed to accommodate a box spring. Platform beds are designed for use with just a mattress rather than a mattress and box spring. This frame will provide a broad, flat surface that will support the mattress and prevent it from becoming lumpy or sagging. This often sets the mattress lower to the ground; frames that accommodate mattresses and box springs will generally position the mattress higher up off the ground. This may have an impact on buyers who have difficulty bending or stretching. If the frame is designed to accommodate a box spring, it is not advisable to use the frame with just a mattress, as that mattress is likely to sag between the slat supports.

If the bed will be moved often, it is a good idea to choose a material that is lightweight. Hardwoods can be quite heavy, especially when a headboard and a footboard are included with the queen bed frame. Some steel frames can also be somewhat heavy, as well as iron frames. Iron will probably be the heaviest, though solid hardwood frames will not be far behind. Some frames feature casters or wheels to facilitate easier movement as well.

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