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How Do I Choose the Best Bed Frame with Drawers?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Buying the best bed frame with drawers can be made easier if you first take a few things into consideration and decide just what you need for your situation. Among the major decisions is the size of the bed itself, because you need to make sure it will have enough space to hold you and anyone else who will be using it. You should then consider the number and size of the drawers you want it to have and just what you expect to fit in them. You also may want to think about the material that works best for you, with wood and metal being the most common varieties you will find when browsing the different types of bed frames.

One of the biggest decisions to make is the size of the bed, because you need to be able to comfortably fit on it when you are sleeping. Before choosing a bed frame with drawers, you should first think about how many people will be using the bed, as well as their size. For example, a twin or full bed is usually fine for a child or teenager, but many adults prefer a queen- or king-size frame, especially if more than one person will be sleeping in the bed at once. You likely will want to consider the size of the room, too, because the bed should not take up the entire area, especially if you have a lot of other furniture to fit into the space.

Some bed frames feature pull-out drawers.
Some bed frames feature pull-out drawers.

After you select the correct bed frame dimensions, you should turn your attention to the drawers. For a bed frame with drawers to be considered useful to you, its storage space needs to be able to hold what you intend it to hold. You can determine this by deciding what you plan to keep in the drawers and how much space it likely will take up from the standpoint of the length, height and depth of each drawer. You also are advised to make sure the bed frame with storage that you choose has enough drawers, because some have just one while others have several. The drawers' placement on the bed also may be a consideration, because drawers that are blocked by the bed's position in the room — with one side against a wall, for example — likely won't be very useful.

An additional detail to consider is the material from which the bed is made. You usually can find a bed frame with drawers made of wood, which is known for being traditional and durable. You also can choose a metal bed frame with drawers, which may be more lightweight than wood and can provide a more modern look. Your personal preferences and how the material will match the material used in other furniture within the room can both be critical in the decision.

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    • Some bed frames feature pull-out drawers.
      By: mariesacha
      Some bed frames feature pull-out drawers.