How do I Choose the Best Postgraduate History Program?

Jessica Ellis
Jessica Ellis

A postgraduate history degree can be an important accomplishment for scholars determined to make a career from their favorite subject. There are many postgraduate history programs around the world that provide interesting and unique opportunities to craft a specific and focused base of knowledge in order to build a career. Doing some careful research into the offerings, cost, and requirements of different programs can help narrow down the options for this exciting educational step.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

While it is important to research the course offerings and research opportunities at different schools, candidates for postgraduate history degrees may also want to consider doing some research on the faculty. Many postgraduate programs focus on a primary research project that is overseen by faculty mentors, many of them brilliant scholars in their fields. Knowing the career history, publications, and backgrounds of faculty members can help potential students make early contact with possible mentors. Some mentors and students even go on to work together, so finding faculty with similar interests can be a great place to start.

Postgraduate programs may be harder to finance than undergraduate or even graduate school. One way to rate a postgraduate history program is by examining the types of fellowships, scholarships, and grants that are available to incoming and continuing schools. Institutions known for their history programs often have a wide selection of financial aid options for students, which can be greatly beneficial for any student on a budget. Opportunities such as student teaching and work-study programs can also help make ends meet while in school.

People with an interest in the history of a particular region or country may want to consider attending school in that area. Postgraduate history programs abroad can help a student fully immerse him or herself in the culture and history of a region, which can be tremendously beneficial to research. Attending school in the area of study may also help students gain access to local resources, experts, and artifacts that might be difficult to reach from a home country.

One other option for a postgraduate history degree is to attend an online program. These relatively new study courses are frequently offered through reputable institutions, and can be a great way to achieve a degree while holding down a full-time job or attending to family responsibilities. Online programs can be a good option for people who are comfortable with Internet and computer technology, and may be shorter in duration than traditional university programs.

Jessica Ellis
Jessica Ellis

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