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What is a Postgraduate Center?

V. Saxena
V. Saxena

A postgraduate center is a special university department dedicated to providing postgraduate training to recent student graduates. These centers allow new graduates to enhance their professional skills, acquire more specialized job training, and earn placement at a company. Acceptance into a postgraduate studies program requires a bachelor’s degree at minimum, though many programs also require a master’s degree as well.

Postgraduate education is especially popular in the field of mental health. Not only are mental health students provided with more specialized knowledge concerning their field, they’re also given a chance to counsel real patients. These programs last between 12 and 24 months, and they involve professional-to-student mentoring, professional networking, and providing mental health services to the general community.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A postgraduate center can also be used by lower level graduates, such as those with a Bachelor’s degree, to acquire a higher-level degree such as a Master’s Degree or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Students who enter such a program go on to complete specialized research under the tutelage of a faculty member. Eligibility for such programs vary greatly among countries, and some merely require a degree while others require a degree and a high grade point average.

Students who train at a postgraduate center also have the opportunity to earn a living wage. Many postgraduate centers waive tuition costs and even pay out a stipend, depending on the work being completed. Students training for a PhD, for instance, may be hired to teach undergraduate students at the main university. They may otherwise be hired by a faculty member to assist in important research. This is especially common in postgraduate centers that specialize in mental health sciences.

Obtaining education at a postgraduate center requires extreme dedication and passion. Most postgraduate students are extremely busy taking 15 or more hours of coursework, teaching undergraduate students, assisting researchers, and even pursuing a non-University job. Students must also take time to join a professional society, network with their peers and faculty members, and begin establishing a career plan.

Since life at a postgraduate center is very fast paced, most centers provide students with a bevy of stress relievers. Almost every postgraduate center offers a fitness center, while others also include small student interest groups that focus on extracurricular activities like hiking, photography, and even cooking. The goal is to help students maintain their sanity through the normally tough and tedious process of obtaining a postgraduate education.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book