How Do I Choose the Best Pilates Supplies?

Brandon May

Anyone can practice Pilates without any equipment, yet some Pilates supplies do help expand the range of a workout and can help increase overall strength. The most important Pilates equipment that most practitioners own is a yoga or Pilates mat, which creates a space that prevents body contact with the floor. A resistance band is another popular tool commonly used in a Pilates workout, so purchasing one or making one at home are two good options. Choosing optional Pilates supplies, like clothing or workout balls can also expand the practice, however, these items are not necessary to perform a successful Pilates workout.

Mats are one of the most basic Pilates accessories.
Mats are one of the most basic Pilates accessories.

One of the most popular Pilates supplies that many people use is a Pilates or yoga mat, and this is often recommended for those practicing this type of exercise. An exercise mat can provide a stable and soft ground underneath the body during Pilates, decreasing the likelihood of slipping or coming in contact with the ground. Since Pilates involves lying on the ground for many of the exercises, it is important to purchase a mat that provides comfort to the body when used on both hard or soft surfaces. Although using a towel or blanket may be a good substitute, most Pilates instructors recommend a mat designed specifically for a Pilates workout.

Sometimes a Pilates exercise will call for a resistance band, which helps build strength in the arms and legs and creates more resistance within the muscles. Besides the Pilates mat, a simple resistance band is one of the other popular Pilates supplies available in most fitness stores. With Pilates, a small and simple resistance band is all that is needed, as nothing too complicated or large in size is required to perform the straightforward exercises. Using a small hand towel can also be substituted in Pilates resistance training.

When choosing other Pilates supplies, like clothing, it is important to choose fabrics that are form-fitting and comfortable. It is best to choose exercise clothes that are not baggy or loose to avoid tripping in the fabric during a workout. An exercise ball is sometimes used for core exercises in Pilates, so choosing a simple medicine ball is ideal. Most workout balls for the use of Pilates should not necessarily be too large to handle, so choosing a ball that is roughly the size of a basketball or volleyball is ideal.

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