How Do I Choose the Best Advanced Pilates DVD?

Patti Kate

When choosing an advanced Pilates DVD, be sure the routine is challenging enough for your level of fitness. Pilates DVDs may include a regimen for weight loss, toning, or general fitness and cardio health. You need to decide where your goals lie, and choose an advanced Pilates DVD that targets those areas. If you want to mix up your routine for more of a challenge and cross training benefits, choose a Pilates DVD that comes packaged as a set.

Pilates DVDs allow people to work out in the comfort of their own home.
Pilates DVDs allow people to work out in the comfort of their own home.

While shopping for your advanced Pilates DVD or package set, you may be faced with various options. For instance, you might find a Pilates DVD that comes packaged with an exercise ball or another fitness accessory. This can be a good choice to add to your equipment collection, however, the DVD might be a basic introduction to Pilates. There should be a description on the packaging, so check it out beforehand.

Your advanced Pilates DVD should include instruction by a top Pilates instructor or fitness expert. Just because you do not recognize the endorser's name does not mean the instructor isn't qualified. Do some research beforehand to learn the names of the top Pilates experts.

An advanced Pilates DVD might target one specific area of the body, such as neck or back. This can be beneficial when you need to focus on or strengthen that one trouble spot. In addition, you might want to purchase a separate DVD for a spouse, as Pilates workouts may be designed specifically for men or women.

Depending upon your personal requirements, you might find an advanced Pilates DVD that offers more than instruction and exercises. Some of the videos also feature a strategy plan or daily workout calendar for keeping track of your personal goals and achievements. This type of feature can help keep you motivated and prevent you from slacking off.

As an added incentive, some intermediate and advanced Pilates DVD sets come with a bonus music compact disc (CD). Pilates music can be a great motivator, and keep you from becoming bored while exercising. Receiving a bonus CD with your video can save you money, too.

If you find an advanced Pilates DVD or DVD set that you think you might enjoy and benefit from, go online and read some reviews. See how the DVD is rated from users like yourself. This can help when making your decision of which Pilates fitness DVDs are most suitable for you.

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