How Do I Choose the Best Pilates Set?

Page Coleman

When choosing the best Pilates set for your needs, you may wish to consider your exercise plans, budget and pieces of equipment that you already own. Other factors include space limitations, and the amount and type of use the set will get. It can be important to evaluate a variety of Pilates DVDs, which may be included in equipment sets or available for purchase separately. Product reviews and recommendations can often help you make a final decision.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Think about your plans for your Pilates workout and equipment. When you plan to travel with your set, you may wish to look for sets designed specifically for travel. If you will need a mat for both Pilates and yoga, a set that has a yoga mat, which is usually thin and sticky compared to a Pilates mat, is often best. In addition, if you already own some Pilates equipment, you may want to look for sets that don’t duplicate pieces you already own.

Your budget for your Pilates set might be a factor. When you can afford a more expensive set,more equipment options are sometimes available to you. If your funds are limited, one option might be high quality used sets. You may also find individuals who purchased sets they never used, and are willing to sell at a discount.

Consider how much use your set will get. If several family members will use it, or if you know you are committed to this workout, it could be well worth spending more money and getting a higher quality and more fully featured set. Ensure the equipment is appropriate for everyone who will use it.

Your exercise space is also a factor in deciding which Pilates set is best for you. If you have limited space for your home Pilates workout, more compact equipment might be a better option, as it can be easily stored in small spaces. When you have access to a pool, and enjoy exercising in the water, an aqua Pilates set may be a good choice.

Many sets include balance balls. When the Pilates set you are evaluating includes one, look for a ball that is appropriate for your height and weight. You may wish to choose a set that includes a Pilates DVD, or you can purchase DVDs separately from other Pilates equipment. If you are looking for sets of Pilates DVDs, consider evaluating your current fitness level, and your goals. Choose DVD sets appropriate for your current fitness level, and build up to more challenging workouts.

Whether you are looking for sets of equipment or DVDs, you can look for product reviews and recommendations to help you find the best Pilates set. Fitness oriented e-commerce websites often include consumer reviews that will help you refine your search. If you have friends or relatives that have bought Pilates sets, you can ask them for recommendations.

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