How Do I Choose the Best Pilates Software?

Page Coleman

To choose the best Pilates software for managing your studio, you may want to determine which aspects of the business you will be using it for. Other factors to consider may include hardware requirements and your Internet connection. The cost of the software may influence your choice, as may the software’s usability and technical support.

A woman doing pilates.
A woman doing pilates.

You may prefer Pilates studio software that allows clients to view your class schedule online, and to sign up for classes. Software that allows your clients to buy blocks of classes online may also be useful. Many clients may wish to accomplish these tasks using mobile devices, so you may want to consider Pilates software that can offer this functionality.

Software that includes client management and marketing functionality may help you more efficiently promote your studio. As an example, you may wish to email birthday greetings to clients, or send a quarterly newsletter. If you sell equipment or supplies at your studio, point of sale software may be important to you to help reduce product costs and manage your inventory. Other aspects of managing Pilates studio businesses for which you may wish to evaluate software include scheduling Pilates employees and payroll.

Along with software functionality, you may also want to consider any needed hardware or Internet support. When you choose Pilates software that is hosted on your own computer equipment, you may want to ensure that your current systems can support it. If not, you may need to purchase additional hardware to run your new software.

When you choose a system that is web-based, your equipment needs may be simpler. You may need only a computer with a browser and an Internet connection. As your business will rely on your software host and your Internet service provider, however, you may wish to verify that their service levels will meet your needs.

Another factor to consider when choosing the best Pilates software for your needs is your budget. You may wish to analyze all costs associated with your software, such as costs per module and usage fees, to determine which packages are affordable. If you will need to upgrade your hardware or Internet service, you may also want to include those costs.

The Pilates software’s ease of use, and availability of training materials and support may also influence your decision. You may feel more satisfied with software that your employees and clients find easy to use. If you are not comfortable using technology, you may also prefer Pilates software with strong customer service and technical support.

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