How Do I Choose the Best Online Pilates Classes?

Angela Farrer

You can choose the best online Pilates classes based on the format of each course, the qualifications of the instructors, and the variety of difficulty levels for these types of online courses. The required cost and the time commitment may also be taken into consideration. Some online Pilates classes offer instruction through a series of posted videos. Others have illustrations of Pilates exercises with still images and written descriptions. This type of online learning environment is often the most effective through a well-designed website paired with high quality instruction from experienced Pilates trainers.

Look for Pilates classes that offer lessons for beginner and advanced students.
Look for Pilates classes that offer lessons for beginner and advanced students.

Your individual learning style is often an important deciding factor for your online Pilates classes. If you are comfortable printing out instructions and following them at your own pace, this type of online learning would probably work well for you. One of these online classes is generally more effective when you are able to easily contact the instructor with questions through email, chat, or a discussion forum. If you prefer to follow along with demonstrations, online Pilates classes with video instruction are usually the best options for you.

Well-planned online Pilates classes should offer a range of class levels from beginner to advanced. Course websites that offer different types of Pilates classes can give you a better idea of which one you like the best. These classes can include floor mat Pilates and resistance band Pilates. Online courses are sometimes available in equipment Pilates, although you will probably need to invest in your own apparatuses.

High-quality online Pilates classes often have experienced instructors with credentials in areas such as kinesthesiology and exercise science. These types of Pilates instructors can be good sources of information on correct form and movement. They can also recommend which specific Pilates exercises may be the most beneficial for your current fitness levels. Some of these instructors offer live classes with the use of web cameras so they are able to offer each student immediate feedback during each session.

Some online courses in Pilates are self-paced while others are on a specific schedule. You may have a course at the same time once or twice a week, though some accelerated Pilates courses may meet online every day for three or four weeks. The payment requirements of different course sites can also be a deciding factor. The best Pilates courses for you will depend on your budget as well as the amount of time you are able to devote to learning this kind of exercise.

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