How do I Choose the Best Photo Freeware?

G. Wiesen

When looking for photo freeware you should look for a software program that will have the features you want and be able to open and manipulate the file types you are trying to work with. You should look for product descriptions from the makers of the freeware, as well as user reviews from other people who have used the program. It is also a good idea to find a download for the freeware from a reputable website to avoid downloads that could contain malicious software.

Downloading photo freeware from a reputable site can help ensure malicious software is not downloaded onto one's computer.
Downloading photo freeware from a reputable site can help ensure malicious software is not downloaded onto one's computer.

Photo freeware is a type of free-to-use computer program that will allow you to access, manipulate, edit, and save photographs on your computer. You will likely need a digital camera to take pictures and easily import them to your computer, or a scanner to digitize traditional photographs and save them as files on your computer. Once you have the photo files on your computer, then you can use a photo freeware program to manipulate those images as you see fit.

Freeware refers to software programs that are free to download and use without purchase of the software or a license to use it. As you are looking for the right photo freeware for your needs, you should consider what you are trying to do with your pictures so you can look for those features. One thing you should consider is what kind of files you are trying to work with. There are a variety of different graphic file types and you should be sure that any program you use will be able to open the types of files you have.

While most programs will likely allow you to make minor adjustments, such as cropping, resizing, and simple editing, you may want more from a program. Things such as color and contrast adjustments, darkening and lightening specific areas, and making small fixes through cloning may all require somewhat more sophisticated photo freeware, which could entail a bit more searching on your part to find. You might consider looking at product descriptions and user reviews for photo freeware programs before downloading, or finding websites for photographers and photo manipulation enthusiasts and seeing if others have suggestions for programs to use.

Doing a little extra research on a program can not only reveal its features, but can also indicate whether you should avoid some programs for security reasons. Some people looking to attack others’ computers with malicious software will use freeware downloads as a way to get such malware onto a computer. You should be careful to only download photo freeware from a reputable website that you can trust. It can also be helpful to run a virus scan on any program before installing it.

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