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How do I Choose the Best Pharmacy Technician Courses?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

There are three items to consider when looking for the best pharmacy technician courses: accreditation, faculty qualifications, and job placement opportunities. Pharmacy technician courses are available from community, career colleges and online schools. A pharmacy technician works directly under the pharmacist to complete prescription orders, keep inventory, and maintain accurate records.

People who report the highest level of satisfaction with pharmacy technician courses enjoy working with people, are naturally outgoing, and detail-oriented. It is important to note that pharmacy technician work is very exacting. There is no room for mistakes, as the wrong dosage or medication can have serious effects on the patient. Meticulous attention to detail is required to be successful in both the courses and the job.

Medications at a pharmacy.
Medications at a pharmacy.

When looking for pharmacy technician courses, the first item to check is the accreditation status of the school. An accredited school has been inspected by an independent third party, and the academic and administrative policies reviewed. Courses from an accredited school can be transferred to other post-secondary institutions, which is very helpful if you choose to upgrade your skills in the future. In addition, accredited schools are able to offer students access to government student aid programs.

A pharmacy technician.
A pharmacy technician.

Review the qualifications of the faculty or course instructors. Most schools publish biographies of their faculty, listing their academic credentials, experience, publications, and areas of expertise. Take the time to review this information to obtain valuable background on their areas of expertise, expectations, and focus. Ask your admissions counselor if any of the course instructors you will have are listed on the website.

Job placement opportunities are critical when taking pharmacy technician courses. These opportunities are usually available in the second year of the program. Competition for the top placements is quite fierce, and the decision is made based on a combination of academic marks and classroom participation. This is the only way to obtain experience as a pharmacy technician. Take advantage of this opportunity and learn as much as possible.

In the first year of pharmacy technician programs, almost all the courses are mandatory. However, there are more options available in the second year. Look carefully at the difference courses and select at least one course that will challenge you. Review the options and think about the employment opportunities that might become available to you with this training. Ask as many questions as you can from the instructors and student course advisers to help you make this important decision.

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    • Medications at a pharmacy.
      By: Zsolt Bota Finna
      Medications at a pharmacy.
    • A pharmacy technician.
      By: mangostock
      A pharmacy technician.