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How Do I Choose the Best Ottoman Slipcover?

Mary Ellen Popolo
Mary Ellen Popolo

A slipcover is an easy way to update the look of an ottoman or to give it new life if it is old and worn out. There are several decisions that you will need to make when selecting an ottoman slipcover, including fit, size, design, and material. Also, look for an ottoman slipcover that is easy to use, durable and machine washable.

Having a slipcover that fits correctly is important, so you will need to measure your ottoman to determine the correct size. Measure the width and length of the ottoman as well as its height. Some slipcovers are designed to fit several different sizes and shapes. Other slipcovers, however, have a more tailored fit, which makes knowing these measurements all the more important.

An ottoman slipcover may help keep an ottoman clean and durable.
An ottoman slipcover may help keep an ottoman clean and durable.

There are two common styles of ottoman slipcover, each of which covers the ottoman in a different way. A stretch slipcover fits snugly over the ottoman, is held in place with an elastic bottom, and usually only covers the top portion of the ottoman, leaving the legs uncovered. A skirted slipcover has a looser fit and covers the ottoman from its top to the floor. It can either be one full piece or two separate pieces. Each type of slipcover has a different look, and you should choose the one you find more visibly appealing.

Color, pattern and design are choices you will need to make when looking for an ottoman slipcover. Consider the current furniture and the overall decor of the room in which the ottoman is located. This will help you to choose a slipcover that will blend in. Some slipcovers come in solid colors, making it easy to find one to match or complement your existing furniture. Plaid, striped, and floral patterns are also available and can make a nice contrast to solid-colored furniture.

Select a fabric that can withstand the amount of use that your ottoman receives. For a heavily-used ottoman, consider a durable and easy-to-care-for fabric, such as cotton or microfiber. Fabrics that are machine washable are always a plus since they can easily be thrown in the wash and then returned to the ottoman.

Ready-made slipcovers in select sizes, colors, and patterns can be purchased in retail stores. An ottoman slipcover can also be custom made. This option gives you a wider selection of choices, allowing you to pick the fabric, color, and style of the slipcover. A custom-made slipcover would be fashioned for your particular ottoman, ensuring that it fits properly. It might, however, cost more than a slipcover purchased in a store.

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    • An ottoman slipcover may help keep an ottoman clean and durable.
      By: bagarol
      An ottoman slipcover may help keep an ottoman clean and durable.