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How do I Choose the Best Online Law School?

Lily Ruha
Lily Ruha

Choosing the best online law school involves examining your needs related to accreditation, cost, location, and scheduling. Determine if studying law online will enable you to take the licensing exam in the location where you intend to practice law. Look up law school rankings to ensure that your university of choice is well regarded in the field. Review the description of the course offerings to determine if your specific law-related interests will be covered by the curriculum. Some law schools offer a combination of classroom instruction and online classes, which may be a preferred option if you want in-person interaction with professors and other students.

Before selecting an online law school, decide if obtaining a law degree online is the best path for achieving your law career goals. Some jurisdictions prohibit online law school graduates from sitting their licensing exams. This will not necessarily prevent you from working in those areas eventually, but you will be required to practice law for a specific number of years in the jurisdiction where you passed your exam before being allowed to take the exam elsewhere. You should also take employment prospects into consideration and research your preferred law firms to determine if they hire graduates of online law schools.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

As you proceed with your online law school research, choose a university that is accredited and reputable. In the case of a jurisdiction that does allow you to sit for their licensing exam with a law degree from an online law school, the best university is one that has registered with the law committee of that jurisdiction. Conduct searches related to law school rankings to determine how your university of choice compares with others. Become informed about the law school faculty and read about their backgrounds and accomplishments. The best online law schools employ law professors who are accomplished lawyers and are in touch with both the theoretical and practical aspects of working in the legal field.

Also consider the practical aspects of attending an online law school, such as cost, location, and scheduling. If you are limited in funds, look into law schools that have financial aid programs. The location of the school will be important if you are required to attend a portion of your classes on-campus. Also consider your schedule if you are working full-time to make sure that you are available at required times to participate in live online lectures.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase