How do I Choose the Best Nail Art Decals?

Janis Bennett

There are many ways to decorate fingernails, from various colors of nail polish to nail art decals and other types of decorations. Nail art decals are handy because you can quickly and easily achieve a look that would take much longer using other types of nail art. You can choose the best nail art decals simply by looking for those that match your personality and your style.

Assortment of artificial fingernails with nail art decals.
Assortment of artificial fingernails with nail art decals.

When choosing the best nail art, keep in mind the creativity and artistic level of the decorator. Someone with more artistic ability will be able to decorate fingernails with freehand nail art, such as nail art with nail paint. Less artistic people might fare well with nail art decals that can stick to a fingernail like a sticker.

Before applying nail art decals, the fingernails should be cleaned with a fingernail brush.
Before applying nail art decals, the fingernails should be cleaned with a fingernail brush.

Finding the right nail art medium can be easy when artistic ability, creativity and time are considered. When the time available to complete a nail art design is short, that narrows down the choice to easy nail art techniques such as nail art stickers, nail art decals and simple nail art stencils. For a person who has more time or is more artistic, more intricate nail art designs can be created with multiple nail art pens, polishes and even three-dimensional nail art.

Nail art decals are very popular because the designs are quick and easy to apply. The decals can be purchased from many retail and pharmaceutical stores and usually come in a package of similar and complimentary designs. This makes it easier to utilize more than one decal on each nail while keeping the style uniform. Even though the same nail art decal package can be purchased by many people, the different ways of using them are limited only by the imagination.

You can choose nail art decals based on your personality. The decals come in all shapes, sizes and colors, such as hearts, butterflies, polka dots, character shapes and more. Some nail art decals are multicolored, and some will have glitter and sparkles incorporated into the design. The best nail art decal will fit your personality as well as your style and mood.

To apply a nail art decal, take the clear sheet that the decals come adhered to and place it onto the fingernail, shiny side up. Rub the top of the decal several times with the small stick that is included in the nail art decal package. After rubbing, gently lift up the clear sheet, and the nail art decal will stick to the fingernail. Some nail art decals are more like stickers that can be peeled off the packaging sheet and placed onto the nail. After applying the decal, paint the entire nail with a clear top coat to prevent the decals from falling off.

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