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How Do I Choose the Best Nail Art Designs?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

Fingernail art comes in a variety of forms, so the best type that you choose ultimately depends on your budget as well as how intricate and permanent you would like the designs to be. One of the most common forms of nail art designs consists of adding stickers on top of either natural or painted nails. If you are experienced with using small brushes, you can also create your own nail art designs simply by using regular polish. The most professional and long-lasting designs are made with airbrushes that utilize color and stencils to create the intricate works of art. If you are receiving nail art designs from a professional, ensure that he or she is certified and works in a sanitary environment.

Nail stickers are among the easiest and least expensive forms of designs that you can use to transform the look of your fingers. These accessories are sold in beauty supply shops as well as drugstores, and they come in a wide range of themes. If you are looking for a more specific art design, then you might consider shopping for the stickers online. The stickers can be applied over clean natural nails or on top of freshly dried polish. You can also mix up your look by applying sequins and glittery nail colors.

Artificial fingernails with nail art.
Artificial fingernails with nail art.

Artistic individuals might consider drawing their own nail art designs with either brushes or pens. Beauty supply stores sell these specific types of tools to dip into your favorite nail color, but you can also use the brushes that already come with the polish if you are comfortable with the size. This is another budget-friendly technique in order to achieve the perfect nail art designs, but the process might take some practice as you become more skilled. You should not utilize this method for the first time before attending a major event or special occasion in case you do not get the desired results.

Airbrushing is a professional salon service in which a technician uses a special gun and stencils to create different nail art designs. The primary benefit to this technique is that the results generally turn out perfect, and they last longer than other forms of art that you apply at home. Airbrushed nail art is by far the best choice for intricate designs, so long as you can afford the services. When you visit a nail salon for the first time, ensure that all of the professionals are certified, and that they exercise safe and sanitary manicure techniques.

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    • Artificial fingernails with nail art.
      Artificial fingernails with nail art.