How Do I Choose the Best Money Management Books?

Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best money management books, look for techniques and advice you can actually use. It would be an ironic waste of money to buy books on financial management that won't provide you with good resources. A great way to choose a money management book is to discover what a financial professional who you admire has on his or her own bookshelf and would recommend.

Be wary of books that promote work-at-home scams or call on you to purchase certain materials to become wealthy.
Be wary of books that promote work-at-home scams or call on you to purchase certain materials to become wealthy.

It stands to reason that your favorite money management professional's own books as well as ones that he or she recommends would be good choices. Yet, to keep from overspending on money management books, don't automatically buy everything from a certain author just because he or she has a new book out. Instead, make sure that the actual subject matter of each financial management book you're considering purchasing fits your needs. If most of the information in the book doesn't apply to your situation, it's not going to be worth the purchase price to you.

Also consider the difficulty level of the advice. If it's quite basic and you're already at that knowledge level, buying that particular money management book is not going to be a sound decision. On the other hand, if you choose money management books that are too advanced for your skill level, you're also unlikely to be able to learn and use information to increase your financial health. Choosing books on money management that fit your particular stage in life as well as location and other criteria can offer you the best information for the book price.

Be wary of books that are part of a dubious system or work-at-home scam that claims to increase your wealth by having you buy a series of materials. If you're in doubt about the validity of money management books, research the publisher and author. Think carefully about buying any money management book in a series because even if it's legitimate and excellent, having to purchase a whole set may end up being pricey.

Reading the reviews of others who have read the book, especially those with finance-related jobs, may help you decide on the money management books to choose. Remember though that although they may find a certain book helpful, it may still not apply to your particular situation or location. Getting a good recommendation on a money management book, then making sure it suits you and your financial goals can be a successful way to select the right books for you.

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