What Are the Best Sources for Help with Money Management?

Dan Cavallari

Money management strategies are useful not only for the person in financial hot water, but also for anyone looking to save more money, spend money wisely, or change spending habits to better reflect his or her lifestyle. Help with money management is not often difficult to find, but it will be important to carefully research different resources to ensure they are reputable, affordable, and ultimately useful. Anyone new to financial planning or management may want to consider getting help with money management by taking a course at a local community college, or even enrolling at a course offered by a bank or other financial institution.

A large selection of online money management software packages and other personal finance tools can be accessed for free.
A large selection of online money management software packages and other personal finance tools can be accessed for free.

Such classes usually offer help with money management by teaching basic financing skills as well as options for saving, investing, or budgeting. Any person who enjoys a classroom experience will thrive in this setting, but good note taking skills and listening skills will be necessary. If the person does not have the time for or interest in this type of help with money management, he or she may want to consider meeting with a financial planner.

A financial planner is a person who will analyze the customer's financial situation, including debt, investments, common expenses, income, and other financial factors. Once this analysis is complete, the financial planner can offer help with money management by recommending investment opportunities, savings plans, or payment plans. If the customer is deep in debt, the financial planner may be able to help that customer organize bills and even consolidate them in some cases to make payments cheaper and easier to manage. Savings plans can also be set up to ensure the customer is saving for the future. A consultation with a financial planner can range in price, and if the consultations continue in the long term, the pricing can be extended over time.

Of course, any person who is good with self-directed learning can take part in online coursework or even reading reputable sources to come up with techniques for developing help with money management. Countless guide books exist to walk an interested party through the process of financial analysis and management, and online courses often present such materials in an easy to read format. If an online course is being considered, the customer should be sure to research the reputation of the online institution to avoid enrolling in useless or overpriced courses that will not offer the appropriate materials.

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