How Do I Choose the Best Money Management Plan?

Geri Terzo

A number of resources are available to help you develop a money management plan, including software programs and budgeting books with advice and templates for organizing finances. Certain strategies can help you to make those resources work for you in the most effective way. To select the best money management techniques, identify current factors such as the amount of income earned, the frequency in which you are paid, and the financial obligations that you are responsible for. Ultimately, a money management plan should help you to handle everyday expenses, enjoy life, and plan for the future. Finding the ideal program is a matter of personal preference and the ideal plan should help you get to your financial goals sooner.

A plethora of budget management software, spreadsheets, and other personal finance tools can be downloaded for free.
A plethora of budget management software, spreadsheets, and other personal finance tools can be downloaded for free.

The best money management plan should not only address daily and monthly expenses, but should also support other financial milestones. If you are repaying credit card debt, for instance, select a money management plan that offers you ways to eliminate debt in the fastest and most efficient way. Some money management plans tend to be extreme and may suggest that you refrain from any leisure as long as you have debt. Others a program that is supportive of bringing you closer to your financial goals without excessive sacrifice.

Decide how much disposable income you would prefer to have access to. A money management plan should allow for reasonable disposable income to pay for certain rewards or pleasures once the necessary living expenses have been paid. If you deny yourself any access to earned income at the expense of paying creditors, you might lose motivation for sticking with a plan.

You might want to consider a money management program that has some accompanying tools, such as budgeting documents. These might be available through software product solutions designed to support personal budgeting. Expert money counselors also publish books on money management with tips, techniques, and strategies for reducing debt. These resources are likely to be beneficial and should only require an upfront investment, while the advice could be relevant for years.

Select a money management plan that provides some guidance on saving for an emergency fund. Emergencies sometimes happen, and it is important to be prepared. A suitable money management program should address reasonable amounts of money to save in light of expenses and income. Also, you may also be considering longer term financial goals, including retirement. A sophisticated money management plan should address major financial events and provide some advice on how to achieve your goals.

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