How do I Choose the Best Moisturizing Cleanser?

Alison Faria

In order to choose the best moisturizing cleanser, a person needs to take into consideration their skin type, as well as any skin problems they may have. Moisturizing cleansers are used to restore a healthy, clear look to the skin by restoring skin moisture. These cleansers are typically used to treat or prevent wrinkles and acne.

A moisturizing cleanser.
A moisturizing cleanser.

Knowing the two main types of moisturizing cleaners can help people choose the best one. There are oil-based moisturizers and water-based moisturizers. Water-based moisturizers, as their name suggests, mainly contain water, but also a small amount of oil. This kind of moisturizer is best used as a facial cleanser for people with oily skin, as are moisturizers that contain a drying agent known as benzoyl peroxide.

People with acne should opt for moisturizing cleansers with alpha hydroxy.
People with acne should opt for moisturizing cleansers with alpha hydroxy.

In order for people with dry skin to choose the best moisturizing cleanser, they should generally look for oil-based moisturizers. These moisturizers contain mostly oil, and are typically used for advanced hydration. People who have oily skin should usually avoid oil-based moisturizers to prevent additional pore clogging that can cause acne; instead, they should look for noncomedogenic, or non-oily, cleansers.

People who want to lessen or prevent wrinkles generally choose the best moisturizing cleanser based on whether or not it contains an ultraviolet (UV) filter, which is also found in sunscreen. UV rays mostly come from sunlight and tanning booths. If a person spends prolonged amounts of time in direct contact with UV rays, then the natural moisture in their skin can gradually become depleted. Wrinkles are normally caused when skin is moisture-deficient.

Those who have acne can choose the best moisturizing cleanser by looking for cleansers that contain alpha hydroxy. This is a naturally occurring acid that is often found in fruits. The exfoliating properties of alpha hydroxy can stimulate cell turnover to improve acne. To minimize skin irritation, topical acne medication should usually not be used in conjunction with an exfoliating moisturizer. Also, acne-prone people should avoid products containing benzoyl peroxide because it can irritate sensitive skin.

Unscented or hypoallergenic moisturizing cleansers typically work well for people who have sensitive skin or various skin allergies. Generally, a person can tell if they have an allergy to a moisturizing cleanser if a rash or swelling begins soon after its application. Also note, fragrance-free moisturizing cleansers still can contain small amounts of fragrance to mask unpleasant scents of some ingredients.

Moisturizing cleansers can be either oil-based or water-based.
Moisturizing cleansers can be either oil-based or water-based.

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