How do I Choose the Best Modular Plans?

Malcolm Tatum

More people are turning to prefabricated or modular construction to create the home they want at a price they can afford. Even though interest in this building option has increased significantly in recent years, many would-be homeowners are still somewhat mystified about how to go about choosing from the wide array of modular plans available today. As with any type of home construction, there are three main considerations to keep in mind when going over modular plans: price, layout, and materials.

Many people look into prefab homes because they tend to be less expensive than a traditional house.
Many people look into prefab homes because they tend to be less expensive than a traditional house.

When it comes to initiating your search for the best modular plans, it is always helpful to make a list of what you hope to incorporate in your new home. Include items such as whether you want a one or two level home, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need, and how you want the rooms arranged in terms of the flow from one area to the next. Taking the time to get all those ideas that are floating around in your head down on paper will make it much easier to quickly ignore plans that do not have what you want, and focus your attention on those that do include these basic requirements for the layout.

Along with the general layout of the modular floor plans, it is also important to think in terms of what materials can be used to create each module of the new home. This can be especially important if you want to make use of recycled or renewable building materials. There are a number of modular building systems that will accommodate the use of alternative materials with little or no alteration to the basic plans. Talk with the modular home manufacturer about which of the modular plans can be easily adapted to use the type of building materials you have in mind.

Last, there is the matter of price. Many people look into prefab homes because they do tend to be less expensive than it would be to build a house using more traditional methods. Even though the homes will cost less to assemble at the building site, chances are you still must keep within a budget. This means you may have to make some concessions in order to achieve the perfect balance between what you want and what you can afford.

The building manufacturer can help you with this process, possibly by adapting a set of modular plans you really like, or locating a floor plan that is very similar but better suited to your budget. This will allow you to proceed with the building project on time, and be able to move into your new home without a great deal of delay. Best of all, there is a good chance that another module could be added to the structure at a later date, when you are in a position to afford the additional construction.

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