How do I Choose the Best Modular Manufacturers?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
It's always best to take time to study floor plans and not just look at pictures.
It's always best to take time to study floor plans and not just look at pictures.

Modular, manufactured or mobile homes are often an economical and practical solution for aspiring homeowners who can't afford traditional houses. Modular manufacturers vary widely in the styles and sizes of homes they build as well as the services and features they offer. In order to choose the best modular manufacturer for you, it's important to first do some online research before contacting a manufactured home builder.

The first thing to do is find a list of modular manufacturers in your area. You can search the Internet for a list by specifying your town and state or country along with a phrase such as modular home manufacturers. Once you have the list, you can enter the company names into a search engine and see what information comes up about each manufacturer. Pay particular attention to any negative as well as positive feedback or complaints about a certain modular builder. You can visit company websites to find out the services and products they offer.

Taking notes of the modular homes you like from each company and the pricing information can help you later compare the offerings to find the best modular manufacturers. Once you've narrowed down your list, you can recheck the company websites to find out details such as delivering the modular home and optional features such as skylights or soaker tubs. You should also compare the standard home features each modular manufacturer offers, such as the grade and weight of the carpeting.

Comparing all of the information you gathered from your short list of modular manufactures may seem overwhelming. Before you get to that point, it's a good idea to imagine living in your new modular home in order to get a feeling for what features and styles you really want to live with every day. Don't just look at photographs of interior and exterior views of the manufactured homes, but rather take the time to study the floor plans.

As you examine each black and white floor plan diagram, imagine yourself walking through the actual modular home as it's designed. Do you like the location of the rooms and the use of space or would you prefer a different home design? Modular manufactures differ greatly in their creative use of manufactured home space, and floor plans can be a clear way of helping you compare them.

For example, many people don't like a kitchen located in close proximity to a bathroom, so if this is your feeling and you notice this in a modular home floor plan, you can stop considering the design. If all of a certain modular manufacturer's home designs have this feature, then you know this company isn't the best builder for you. At the end of your research and comparisons, you're likely to have at least two or three modular manufacturers whose home designs you'd be interested in viewing in person. You could telephone these builders to ask questions about delivery and pricing before setting an appointment to look at one or more of their modular homes.

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    • It's always best to take time to study floor plans and not just look at pictures.
      By: S. Rogo
      It's always best to take time to study floor plans and not just look at pictures.