How do I Choose the Best Modular Homes Dealers?

Amy Hunter

Modular homes dealers are responsible for selling this type of home, but they also handle the transportation and installation as well. These responsibilities mean that there are many different things to consider when choosing modular homes dealers. To find the right modular dealer, ask questions, check references, and talk to your lending institution.

There are many different factors to consider when choosing modular homes dealers.
There are many different factors to consider when choosing modular homes dealers.

Make a list of the modular homes dealers in the area. Visit each one to tour their model homes and pick up a book with the various home plans provided by the company. While you are there, try to get a general feel for the business. Are the salespeople helpful and willing to answer questions? Are they pushy? Do the employees seem generally pleasant? Buying a home is probably the most expensive decision of your life; you should only do business with someone with whom you feel comfortable.

Once you collect information from the various modular home dealers, do some comparisons. Find several home plans that you like from each dealer, and think about how each house would look on your site. Compare what each dealer offers as part of their package. Some include heating and cooling, others the foundation, and others only include the house. It is important for your budgeting to know exactly what costs you are likely to incur during the construction process.

Talk to other people who have recently bought modular homes. Ask which dealer they used and what their experience was. If you do not know anyone, or cannot find someone through word of mouth, ask for references from the various modular homes dealers. Be aware that they are likely to choose their most satisfied customers to use as references. Internet discussion forums may also be a useful resource for this purpose.

When possible, visit several sites so that you can see the modular homes in an environment other than a sales yard. You may not see the floor plan you are interested in, but you can see how the foundation looks and talk to the owner about their experiences. This may reveal problems not obvious at the dealership.

Talk to your lending institution. They handle loans for many people, they can probably tell you what modular homes dealers they have had pleasant experiences with, and what companies have caused delays and problems with during the building process. While they will probably avoid a direct recommendation or negative comment, they can offer insight into the company you are considering.

Finally, before signing the contract, contact the Better Business Bureau and Secretary of State's office in the states where you live and where the dealer conducts business. They will have any complaints on file. A company that has made it this far in your selection process is probably fine, but checking with these organizations is quick, easy, and free.

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