How do I Choose the Best Modular Home Plans? (with picture)

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Examine modular home plans carefully, and compare how the living space is divided.
Examine modular home plans carefully, and compare how the living space is divided.

Choosing the best modular home plans can be both fun and simple if you're well prepared and don't rush your decision making. Modular construction companies usually have photographs of home exteriors as well as floor plans available for you to examine online at your convenience. Preparing many modular home plans to have ready to view when you're not feeling rushed or stressed is a great idea. Before you view and compare the different plans of prefab homes, have a list ready of "must-haves" as well as your "would be nice" options.

For instance, if you really must have at least a three bedroom modular home, it's no point in choosing modular home plans to look at with only two bedrooms. If you would prefer the extra bedroom, but are willing to consider homes without it, then look at floor plans with two or three bedrooms. Modular floor plans always list the square footage. If you have trouble picturing the size, visit a friend's or family member's house or apartment in which the size of the home in square feet is known. Comparing the sizes can give you a better idea of how much living space you actually need.

Calculating your required amount of living space is important since many new prefab homes are priced per square foot. Picking the largest home isn't always the best option. Instead, you should examine modular home plans carefully to compare exactly how the living space is divided. When you do this with at least 10 or 15 modular floor plans, you're likely to be able to find patterns in your likes and dislikes. For example, you may find you prefer a separate dining space rather than only an eat-in area in part of the kitchen.

Consider the shape of the modular home. If a narrow single-wide style isn't to your liking, you may want to look at multi-sectioned modular home plans. The price may be more, but if you're willing to sacrifice a bit of square footage the pricing may even out a bit. Next look at the location of the entry doors. If you already have a lot for the modular home, you can think of how the flow of traffic through the home's exterior doors would work on that property.

The layout in modular building systems varies just like it does in traditional homes. The bedrooms may be located all at one end or the master may be separate from the others. Think about which would best suit you. In some modular home plans, the kitchen and bathroom are very close to one another. For many people, this is not something they want, so once they realize it they can move on to another style of modular plan.

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@Laotionne - Modular homes get a bad reputation in large part because they are often confused with manufactured homes or trailers as manufactured homes are also called. They are not the same thing -- not even close. Modular homes are better constructed and more like regular houses.

You asked whether a modular home is more likely to lose its value as compared to a regular house. Whether or not a house gains or loses value is usually based on its location, so picking a good location for the home is more important than anything. Well, that and maintaining the home. If the house is falling apart then it is going to lose value.


@Laotionne - There is no need for you to have any extra concerns about the safety of modular homes. A good modular home is as strong as anything built from the ground up at a permanent location. Some modular home plans and materials are superior to houses built on site.

You can even get modular homes with hurricane ratings that predict how they will withstand different level storms.


The modular homes that are sold today look exactly like some of the site built, stick built houses you see. In my opinion, buying a modular homes makes sense since they are cheaper on average than site built homes, and in many cases you can't tell one from the other just by looking at them.

My only concern about buying one built with a modular plan is the safety. Are modular homes as safe as traditional houses, and will they hold their value or will they depreciate with each year?

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    • Examine modular home plans carefully, and compare how the living space is divided.
      Examine modular home plans carefully, and compare how the living space is divided.