How do I Choose the Best Mobile Home Plan?

Sheri Cyprus

Carefully consider your options and what would best suit your preference and lifestyle when choosing a mobile home plan. Since mobile homes are typically much smaller than traditional houses, their floor plans are extremely important. Rooms are usually much closer together or are arranged in a linear pattern in single wide mobiles. View mobile home floor plan drawings and, beginning with the entryway, imagine yourself moving through all of the rooms to help you choose the best layout for you.

In a single wide mobile home, rooms are usually arranged in a linear pattern.
In a single wide mobile home, rooms are usually arranged in a linear pattern.

Many mobile home floor plans have the entryway leading into either the kitchen or living room. Try to imagine how you would bring groceries into the space or welcome guests into your home. If the floor plan of a mobile home you're considering shows a few stairs from the indoor entry to the living space and you or someone in your household has mobility problems or is in a wheelchair, you may want to reconsider this feature. If there are outdoor stairs leading to the front door in the mobile home plan, checking to see about replacing them with a ramp now or in the future might be a good idea. If you have a larger family, choosing a floor plan with a coat closet or other storage near the entry door can help keep shoes and outerwear neat in the smaller home setting.

When viewing a mobile home plan, take a note of the measurements shown for each room. Depending on the number of people in your household as well as where in your home you like to spend the most time, decide which rooms you prefer to be larger. For instance, some mobile home floor plans have a small living room, but larger bedrooms, which may work well for some people, but not others. Others may be willing to have small bedrooms to have a floor plan with larger living and dining spaces.

It's important to look at the location of the rooms and not just their size. For example, some mobile home plans have the master bedroom and its bathroom at one end and two other bedrooms with the main bathroom on the home's other end. This layout may be especially appealing in a roommate situation, but not for parents with very young children. Pay attention to where the main bathroom is in relation to the kitchen. It's not uncommon for a mobile home plan to have the bathroom very close to the kitchen, and this can be especially unappealing for many people.

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