What is a Mobile Home Community?

G. Wiesen

A mobile home community is a place in which people can purchase or lease plots of land onto which they can then locate a mobile home or prefabricated home for residential purposes. In many respects, these types of communities are similar to other housing communities or neighborhoods, and though some residents may only live in these communities temporarily, other people live there as a permanent residence. This is especially true for people living in manufactured homes or prefabricated homes, since such structures are not typically intended for frequent relocation. A mobile home community can often have other features and amenities similar to a planned community, such as convenience or grocery stores and community swimming pools.

Lots in a mobile home community may be leased or purchased by the unit's owner.
Lots in a mobile home community may be leased or purchased by the unit's owner.

Sometimes called a trailer park, though this term may have a negative connotation associated with it, a mobile home community shares many of the traits of just about any neighborhood. This is especially true of other communities that are planned out and designed by a single company, which have become increasingly popular in areas of great expansion or population growth. A mobile home community can have special rules or policies, and a board of residents may even work together to ensure these policies are followed.

While a mobile home community may principally be considered as a location for people with mobile homes, prefabricated or manufactured homes have become increasingly popular within such communities. A manufactured home is simply a house designed to be easily constructed and manufactured as separate parts. The parts can then be assembled and delivered to a location or brought to a location and assembled on site. These homes are often significantly easier to produce and more affordable than traditional homes, and a mobile home community is often an ideal location for such a house.

Since a mobile home community is usually a large plot of land that has been separated into smaller and fairly affordable plots for individual purchase, these plots are often the perfect size for a manufactured home. In order to make living in a mobile home community even easier for residents, many such communities are established with a wide range of additional features. These can include parks, swimming pools, and even stores located within the community. Such features are especially popular in large communities where local businesses can be quite convenient and profitable.

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