How Do I Choose the Best Management Training Software?

Alex Newth

When a lower-level employee is promoted to manager or a new team member with a degree in management signs on, that manager needs to be trained for the company’s specific policies and business model. Sending someone to train the manager face-to-face is one of the best methods, but this takes time and human resources. By using management training software, the new manager gets all the benefits of training without using up any of the company’s resources. Picking the best management training software depends on the tracking ability of tasks, scheduling, industry-standard compliance and the ability to generate custom portions of the training program.

Some businesses have thick training manuals that need to be followed closely.
Some businesses have thick training manuals that need to be followed closely.

On the most basic level, management training software is all about assigning tasks to new managers. These tasks often involve reading over a document, taking a test or watching a video. When the new manager finishes the task, the program should report on two separate aspects of the task. First, it should state that the task was completed, so trainers know what the manager has read and know that tasks are finished. The second part is how well the manager did, if the task was a test, so trainers can track whether the manager is doing well or just pushing buttons to get through the training.

The scheduling of tasks is another part of management training software. Depending on the branch to which the manager is being hired or promoted, the training will be different. For example, a project manager will need different training than a retail store manager. This means different tasks need to be scheduled for different managers. A simple scheduling system will streamline this aspect of the training.

Some business models and industries, such as manufacturing, have thick manuals of standards and policies that need to be followed for the business to be legal. In these industries, it is essential that management training software leans toward these laws and compliance issues. This will ensure the manager follows the laws necessary for the business to survive.

While most managers will need the same type of skills, trainers need to be able to generate custom portions of training software. This allows the trainer to design a training course specific to the company and to make courses for specific types of managers. Training software that allows trainers to simply type up a course and add images and movies will be better than one where the trainer needs to code the entire course, which wastes time and forces the trainer to learn complicated code.

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