How Do I Choose the Best Locksmith School?

Jeremy Laukkonen

There are a number of different ways to obtain locksmith training, and you will need to consider your own personal requirements in order to choose the best one. Locksmith schools can include instruction on theory, in addition to practical learning methods, and may involve either distance learning or traditional classroom environments. If you are serious about a career in this business, the most important factor to check into is whether a locksmith school is approved by your local licensing board. Aspiring locksmiths should also strongly consider apprenticeship programs, or schools with good hands-on training, since that type experience is very important in this profession. Distance learning, home study, and Internet-based locksmith schools can allow you to work at your own pace, though they are typically best suited to people who are not interested in working as locksmiths, or who will be combining the online training with an apprenticeship.

A locksmith must be familiar with a variety of locks.
A locksmith must be familiar with a variety of locks.

When you start looking for a locksmith school, you first need to think about why you need this type of training. If you actually want to be a locksmith, your needs will typically be different from those of someone who is trying to obtain supplemental knowledge for a different career. You also need to think about licensing or certification if you live in an area that has those requirements. If there are licensing requirements in your area, you need to check into what they are. In some cases, you will need to attend a locksmith school that has been specifically approved by the licensing board.

Making keys with a key cutting machine is one skill taught at locksmith skills.
Making keys with a key cutting machine is one skill taught at locksmith skills.

Traditional schools that offer classroom-based instruction in the theory and practical applications of locksmithing are typically the best choice if you want to pursue a career in this business. You should look for a school that provides a lot of hands-on experience, so that you are able to actually work with locks before you graduate. Some locksmith schools also offer specialized training in electronic locks, safes, automotive locks, and other similar fields. It can pay to have this type of specialized training and knowledge when it comes time to look for work. Another option is to find an apprenticeship, and in some areas that is actually required.

If you already have a different career, and just want to supplement your skills with a practical knowledge of locking mechanisms, then the best locksmith school will typically be one that provides good information without disrupting your schedule too much. It is important to find a course that provides solid instructional material, but hands-on experience may not be as important. A distance learning, or Internet-based, locksmith school may be a good choice, especially if you enjoy working at your own pace.

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