How Do I Become a Mobile Locksmith?

YaShekia King
YaShekia King
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Mobile locksmiths are people who help customers who have locked themselves out of homes or vehicles. They need to have solid manual dexterity and possess strong problem-solving skills. An individual who aims to become a mobile locksmith should complete several months of post-secondary training as well as gain industry experience in a real-world setting. Pursuing field certifications also will increase his or her employment opportunities.

If you seek to become a mobile locksmith, you can complete a certificate program in this field, which typically lasts a few months. Requirements to be admitted into this type of program include turning in your high school transcript and filling out your desired school’s admission form. You also might have to submit your recent standardized test scores, and the school will want to see your high school diploma or the equivalent certification as well.

A combination of classroom and hands-on training is necessary to perform well in this industry. You need to study how to pinpoint different types of locks as well as how to duplicate keys. Other skills you should master include how to pick or disassemble locks for distraught customers. Mastering these concepts is critical because, when you become a mobile locksmith, you will have to be able to complete these tasks in a wide variety of situations while working under deadline pressure. The more work you are able to complete in a certain amount of time sometimes translates to more sales commissions.

Acquiring practical experience in the field is necessary for you to increase your chance of claiming jobs. During an internship, you need to get used to using various industry tools to manipulate locks, including those on safes. This type of training opportunity also gives you the chance to drive around the service area in which you will work so that you become more familiar with the locale and are therefore able to complete tasks more efficiently when you become a mobile locksmith. In addition, you can practice working nights and weekends, which often is a requirement in this industry.

Voluntary certifications additionally are available for people aspiring to thrive in this career area. To earn these credentials, you must take and pass exams administered by professional associations. This makes you more attractive to hiring managers when you become a mobile locksmith, as companies view these designations as proof that an employee is competent and reliable to work in this vocational area. You will also have to complete continuing education courses to maintain your certifications.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip