How do I Choose the Best Lip Products?

Patti Kate

In your quest to select the best lip products for your basic needs, determine if you require all-natural or organic ingredients. There are many natural alternatives available in local stores or online. Regardless of whether you desire natural or organic as opposed to synthetic lip products, checking ingredients carefully should help your decision. Considering name brands you've trusted in the past and which have worked for you previously may also help.

A woman applying lipstick.
A woman applying lipstick.

Lip products come in various forms for a wide degree of needs, such as lip balms for chapped lips. You might wish to try one with moisturizing capability or ingredients such as aloe to soften and soothe dry skin. Many lip products have conditioners, while others are merely oil-based. Recognizing what these features mean and how they can work for you will be helpful.

Lip plumper can help make the lips look fuller.
Lip plumper can help make the lips look fuller.

If you have difficulty finding the perfect shade of color in your lipstick or lip gloss, go to a boutique or department store and ask a sales consultant to sit down with you and help you find something suitable. Try on a few different shades to assess the best lip products for your skin tone before you actually buy them. If you are also choosing a lip liner, a good basic rule is to go with a shade darker than your natural skin tone.

Choosing your lipstick and lip gloss may not simply be a matter of finding the right color. Many lipsticks offer the added feature of a long-lasting application. If you plan on wearing your shade for several hours at a time, certain lipsticks or lip gloss products are made to last all day or night without rubbing off, smearing or fading. Some of these lip products feature a two-ended stick. One end would typically provide the color, while the other would be a gloss for added shine. Experiment to see if you prefer this type of lipstick.

If you feel your lips are too narrow or small, there are products designed to help you achieve a fuller look. Plump lips can be obtained by using what is typically known as a lip plumper. Ingredients that are used in these products might be essential oils or menthol. These products cause the lips to slightly swell to achieve that desired effect of fullness, so some individuals might experience irritation. It's always best to test the product in a small area of the skin first to determine how it might affect you.

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