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How do I get Plump Lips?

G. Melanson
G. Melanson

Plump lips can be achieved by undergoing surgical lip augmentation procedures such as lip injections or implants, or by applying a topical plumping gloss known as a “lip plumper.” Both invasive and non-invasive means of achieving plump lips have become increasingly available to the general public over the years, due to advancements in the efficiency and affordability of lip plumping procedures and products.

Lip injections are most commonly performed using fillers such as Botox®, Restylane® or Juvederm®. The results of such injections typically last up to six months before the patient must have the procedure repeated to maintain the effect of plump lips. Lip implants are achieved through the transfer of fat from one area of the body to the lips. Although the effect of plump lips lasts longer with lip transplants than with injections, lip implants carry a higher risk of scarring or lumping to the lips. Lip implant procedures also require a general anesthesia, as opposed to the simpler topical anesthesia applied prior to a lip injection.

Lip injections may give the appearance of a plump pout for a few months.
Lip injections may give the appearance of a plump pout for a few months.

Both lip injections and lip implants cause swelling and bruising to the lips for roughly a week following the procedure. Patients are also required to undergo skin tests before getting lip implants or injections in order to detect potential allergic reactions to the fillers or anesthetics. Other side-effects may include bleeding, redness, and ridges or unevenness on the lips. In contrast, the side-effects of a topical lip plumper are less painful, and mainly consist of a mild inflammatory reaction which swells the blood vessels to create the appearance of plump lips. Topical lip plumping gloss is available in a wide variety of retail locations for roughly $10-20 US Dollars (USD); however, the results generally last for no more than a few hours.

Plump lips add dimension to a face.
Plump lips add dimension to a face.

Whereas surgical lip injection or implant procedures were once only available in hospitals by appointment, today they are available in walk-in clinics and even shopping malls along with a number of other cosmetic surgical procedures. Despite the increased availability of lip injections and implants, the quality of the outcome still depends mostly on the skills of the practitioner. Several years of experience practicing lip filling techniques are usually required before a practitioner gains the skill level required to give a patient plump lips which are aesthetically pleasing.

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    • Lip injections may give the appearance of a plump pout for a few months.
      By: Delphimages
      Lip injections may give the appearance of a plump pout for a few months.
    • Plump lips add dimension to a face.
      By: Tiler84
      Plump lips add dimension to a face.