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How do I Choose the Best Leather Club Chair?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A leather club chair will last for decades if built properly from the right materials and with the proper techniques. Traditional leather club chair designs were built with sheepskin, but other materials are available today. Sheep's skin leather is not only durable, but it is also visually appealing: the finish of the leather will allow the imperfections of the skin to show through, ensuring each chair model is unique and different from other chairs. Remember that authentic leather club chair materials and construction will probably cost more than less expensive materials and less thorough construction, so be sure to determine your budget before purchasing.

Comfort is, of course, the most important criteria for choosing a leather club chair. Be sure to test out every chair you are considering, and determine whether the coil springs in both the seat and the seat back support your body appropriately. The fill should also be comfortable and plush without giving way too much — this could be an indication of too little fill, which can lead to sagging later on. The leather should be relatively firm upon purchase, since it will stretch out over the course of many years of use; many people believe the comfort of the chair improves significantly as the leather breaks in and becomes softer.

A good leather club chair can last for decades.
A good leather club chair can last for decades.

Think about the leather club chair design as well. Some models feature straight lines, while others are curved. The curved models have become much more popular than other designs, though it is important to consider your particular needs rather than just popular trends. Think about the aesthetic of the room in which the chair will be placed, and make a determination not only about the shape of the chair, but also about the size and color. Colors range from black to lighter oranges, with several shades of brown in between. Choose the color that will fit the room and the other furniture the best, while considering how the chair will look after the leather wears in some.

Be sure to look underneath the chair, if possible. Choose a chair that is constructed from high quality wood rather than particle board, and be sure the feet of the chair are somehow protected to prevent scratching the floors on which the chair will be placed. The chair should feel solid when you sit in it and shift your weight; if you hear squeaks or creaks, or if the chair feels unstable, there may be a construction defect. Avoid a leather club chair that is not constructed solidly, or one that does not come with some sort of warranty.

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    • A good leather club chair can last for decades.
      By: Paul Maguire
      A good leather club chair can last for decades.