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How do I Choose the Best Leather Accent Chair?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Depending on its style, a leather accent chair can be the ideal touch for a modern or traditional decor. Since leather accent chairs are available not just in different styles, but a variety of comfort options, consider what you want the chair's function to be. You may need the chair mainly as an accent or occasional seating such as to be placed with a small table in a bedroom or living room corner. This chair will be different from one you will use every day. Once you assess the functional aspects you need in a leather accent chair, you can consider the overall style and color.

If you plan on placing the accent chair with other leather pieces, it's important to either coordinate the color or the shape. Otherwise, the chair won't accent your furniture, but work against it by looking out of place. A light leather accent chair will work with dark furniture, if the shape is similar. For instance a white leather chair with a tall backrest and padding placed near a tan suede sofa with the same basic shape can look interesting. If the chair is low-backed and non-padded in design though, it's likely to just have just too many differences to coordinate attractively with a tall, padded, dark leather sofa.

Bonded leather, which is sometimes used to make accent chairs.
Bonded leather, which is sometimes used to make accent chairs.

If you're looking for an accent chair that's comfortable as well as coordinated, consider a recliner model. This type of chair can be great for sitting in after work, as you can recline back and raise your feet off the floor. A more modern version of a reclining leather accent chair is one in a sleek design with a matching footstool. This choice can be a versatile one, as the leather surface of the footstool makes it ideal for use as a side table, such as to hold a tray of snacks for guests, when needed.

For traditional homes, a classic "English study" type of leather accent chair can be a great touch. This style of leather chair is often shaped like a Parson's chair with no furniture arms and a high back, or it may feature an armchair styling. Colors such as deep wine or dark brown are popular choices in this kind of chair as are details such as rows of brass tacks around the wooden frame. This style of accent chair can coordinate especially well with fine, traditional wood furniture that has brass drawer pulls.

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    • Bonded leather, which is sometimes used to make accent chairs.
      By: Jim Mills
      Bonded leather, which is sometimes used to make accent chairs.